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Northern Tiger International’s oil trading focuses primarily on liquid markets – Brent Blend/Forties/Oseberg (“BFO”), West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Dubai/Oman crudes – and refined oil products such as heating oil and gasoline. Northern Tiger International’s main counterparties are major oil companies, financial institutions and large trading companies.

Northern Tiger International’s metals trading focuses on both precious and base metals in the New York, London, and Zurich markets. Metals trading is primarily conducted from the Houston headquarters.

Transaction tenors generally range from spot to up to five years forward. Northern Tiger International’s counterparties are typically large institutions.

Northern Tiger International’s trading in agricultural and other commodities focuses on the various grain markets as well as coffee, sugar and cocoa in the New York, Chicago and London markets. The trading is conducted from the Houston headquarters. Transactions are primarily executed on the CME, CBOT and ICE-US exchanges.

Northern Tiger International engaged in the production, processing and marketing of fish and fishery products. This include but not limit to Tuna, Saba and Yellow fin Tuna.